China Hangzhou Kehao Machinery Co., Ltd.
Equipments detail
Equipment: WFI Storage Tank
Equipment Type: Storage and Transportation Equipment -> Tank
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2016-05-03
Main Features:
Description: WFI strorage and distribution systems are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of your application. These systems can incorporate all of the monitoring equipment and control devices for the WFI distribution system into a compact skid which is assembled, integrated into a single PLC system, and tested at many pharmaceutical factory. Documentation for all components are also incorporated into a comprehensive turnover package. Utilizing a system approach drastically reduces the time and cost required to assemble, start up, and validate the resulting system. These benefits are due to the ability to concurrently perform site work while fabricating the system , the ability to fully test the equipment , and associated with the extensive validation support package provided.
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